The Roadster originally came in two versions both Standard and Deluxe but the standard was discontinued in 1933. The 34 Deluxe Roadster had the following features: crome windshield frame, cowl lights, dual horns, tail lamps, cigar lighter and ashtray, glove box, rumble seat, wind wings, dust boot, and genuine Copra Drab Fine Colonial Grain leather in the front compartment and matching artificial leather on the rumble seat, In May the Copra Drab was replaced with Taupe leather. The top material was a double rubber interlined fabric, drab inside and out.

NOTE: What separates a Roadster from a Cabriolet? A Roadster has a removable windscreen and no roll-up door windows.

  1934 Price Production Numbers
Deluxe $525 5,185